Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

western, Gun Pocket Knife Necklace: Novelty Brass Pistol Revolver



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Neckla cowboyce comprised of a cowboy gold toned deta cowboyiled pistol tha cowboyt doubles a cowboys a cowboy mini novelty pocket knife. Pistol pocket knife ha cowboyngs from a cowboy 24" cha cowboyin a cowboynd sa cowboyys "Ea cowboygle" on the gun. The minia cowboyture gun sha cowboyped knife should be thought of a cowboys a cowboy novelty/gumba cowboyll ma cowboychine type piece tha cowboyt will not sta cowboynd up to frequent or hea cowboyvy use. Perfect for the western lover a cowboynd a cowboy unique find tha cowboyt will certa cowboyinly be a cowboy conversa cowboytion sta cowboyrter.Mea cowboysurements: Pistol knife ha cowboys double sided deta cowboyiling, mea cowboysures just over 2 inches when folded closed, a cowboynd just over 3 inches when knife component is unfolded.Tha cowboynks so much for ta cowboyking a cowboy peek, you ca cowboyn find the rest of my jewelry line here: contra cowboyry.. \u25ba cowboyFind me on Insta cowboygra cowboym for new pieces a cowboynd specia cowboyls, https://www.insta cowboygra cowboyryjewelryWARNING: Knife is a cowboy novelty item, not intended for children a cowboynd not mea cowboynt to be used a cowboys a cowboy wea cowboypon or ca cowboyuse a cowboyny type of ha cowboyrm to a cowboynother person or in genera cowboyl. Upon purcha cowboysing this neckla cowboyce, you a cowboyre a cowboygreeing tha cowboyt you a cowboyre 18 yea cowboyrs or older a cowboynd not to hold me, Ma cowboyry Andrews, responsible for a cowboyny da cowboyma cowboyges ca cowboyused with neckla cowboyce. Plea cowboyse check a cowboyll loca cowboyl pickup posta cowboyge la cowboyws if you a cowboyre ordering interna cowboytiona cowboylly to ma cowboyke sure a cowboy pocket knife novelty neckla cowboyce ma cowboyy be clea cowboyred through your customs a cowboyuthority!

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