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glass jewellery, Leverback Earrings with Green & Clear Square Beads



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Delica dangle earringste, 1/2" green a dangle earringsnd clea dangle earringsr gla dangle earringsss da dangle earringsngle ea dangle earringsrring, on leverba dangle earringsck sta dangle earringsinless stea dangle earringsl hooks.Get The Set! - Click this link to see the ma dangle earringstching neckla dangle earringsce for these ea dangle earringsrrings:https://www./listing/124596009/green-double-stra dangle earringsnd-16-inch-neckla dangle earringsceIs green your fa dangle earringsvorite color? You ma dangle earringsy like my other green jewelry pieces:https://www./shop/JoolzbyJodi/sea dangle earringsrch?sea dangle earringsrch_query=GreenYour jewelry comes in custom pa dangle earringscka dangle earringsging tha dangle earringst is perfect for gift giving. (See Picture Above)

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