Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bead necklace, Aqua & Clear Triple-Strand 13 Inch Choker



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This pretty 13 inch choker fea aqua chokertures a aqua choker triple-stra aqua chokernd design, where on one stra aqua chokernd I used clea aqua chokerr a aqua chokernd silver gla aqua chokerss tube bea aqua chokerds. On the others, a aqua chokerqua aqua choker a aqua chokernd clea aqua chokerr gla aqua chokerss seed bea aqua chokerds. It ha aqua chokers a aqua choker sta aqua chokerinless steel spring ring style cla aqua chokersp.Your jewelry comes in custom pa aqua chokercka aqua chokerging tha aqua chokert is perfect for gift giving. (See Picture Above)

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