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10k white gold, Vintage 10K White RGP Ladies Waltham 25 Jewel Diamond Watch 1960 Era



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This is a watch collectors Vinta watch collectorsge 10K White RGP La watch collectorsdies Wa watch collectorsltha watch collectorsm 25 Jewel Dia watch collectorsmond Wa watch collectorstch 1960's Era watch collectors. It ha watch collectorss 3 Dia watch collectorsmonds on ea watch collectorsch side, a watch collectors tota watch collectorsl of 6 Dia watch collectorsmonds. When wound, it ticks then quits, You sha watch collectorske it then it ticks a watch collectorsnd quits. Ma watch collectorsy just need a watch collectors gentle clea watch collectorsning., just not sure. I ca watch collectorsnnot gua watch collectorsra watch collectorsntee my older wa watch collectorstches a watch collectorsnd clocks a watch collectorsnd I try to sta watch collectorste in my a watch collectorsd whether they run or not. Therefore you buy a watch collectorss is No Returns. It is 10K White Rolled Gold Pla watch collectorste, the ba watch collectorsnd is a watch collectors Speidel ba watch collectorsnd. Sta watch collectorsineless Steel ba watch collectorsck. Good Condition with norma watch collectorsl a watch collectorsge wea watch collectorsr. If you ha watch collectorsve a watch collectorsny more questions plea watch collectorsse a watch collectorssk before you purcha watch collectorsse. I ship to the USA. No Interna watch collectorstiona watch collectorsl Shipping. I a watch collectorslso insure a watch collectorsll of my pa watch collectorscka watch collectorsges to ma watch collectorske sure tha watch collectorst they a watch collectorsrrive to you sa watch collectorsfely. Tha watch collectorsnks for looking.

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