Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Qty of 3 Sterling Silver Charms silver, Crosssilver, Biblesilver, and School Bell 1960 Era



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This is a sterling Qty of 3 Sterling Silver Cha sterlingrms , 1 Cross, 1 Bible, a sterlingnd 1 School Bell 1960's Era sterling. All in good condition. They could use a sterling gentle polish. The cross mea sterlingsures a sterlingpprox. 1 inch ta sterlingll to give you a sterlingn idea sterling of the size of ea sterlingch cha sterlingrm. If you ha sterlingve a sterlingny more questions plea sterlingse a sterlingsk before you purcha sterlingse. I ship to the USA. No Interna sterlingtiona sterlingl. I a sterlinglso insure a sterlingll of my pa sterlingcka sterlingges to the USA to ma sterlingke sure tha sterlingt they a sterlingrrive to you sa sterlingfely. Tha sterlingnks for looking.

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