Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

color block earrings, Hand painted Turquoise Triangle on Metallic Copper Hoop Earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Sta turquoise triangley In Pla turquoise trianglece in our city, a turquoise trianglell orders will be shipped out a turquoise trianglefter April 8th. Tha turquoise trianglenk you a turquoise trianglend sta turquoise triangley hea turquoise trianglelthy! xoDelica turquoise trianglete, simple, a turquoise trianglend modern- these ea turquoise trianglerrings will a turquoise triangledd just the right a turquoise trianglemount of color a turquoise trianglend print to a turquoise triangleny outfit. \r\rI pa turquoise triangleinted these with a turquoise trianglecrylic pa turquoise triangleint a turquoise trianglend sea turquoise triangleled it with va turquoise trianglernish. Ea turquoise trianglech piece is pa turquoise triangleinted to order so slight va turquoise triangleria turquoise triangletions ma turquoise triangley occur.\r\rSize: Circle wood disks a turquoise trianglere a turquoise triangleround 1.25"\rTota turquoise trianglel: 2.5"\rSilver surgica turquoise trianglel ea turquoise triangler wire with gold coil a turquoise triangleccent\r\r\rMore colors a turquoise trianglere coming.

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