Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This is a handmade chokers Qty of 5 items ha handmade chokersndma handmade chokersde Na handmade chokerstive America handmade chokersn Seed Bea handmade chokersd Neckla handmade chokersces a handmade chokersnd chokers a handmade chokerss pictured. Ma handmade chokersde with ra handmade chokerswhide, pipe bea handmade chokersds, seed bea handmade chokersds etc. Red a handmade chokersnd white Choker mea handmade chokerssures a handmade chokerspprox. 14 inches not including the tie, the White Blue a handmade chokersnd Green Choker mea handmade chokerssures a handmade chokerspprox. 10 inches not including the ties. The Boy a handmade chokersnd Girl Seed Bea handmade chokersd neckla handmade chokersces mea handmade chokerssure a handmade chokerspprox. 23 inches a handmade chokersround, a handmade chokersnd the Mocca handmade chokerssin neckla handmade chokersce mea handmade chokerssures a handmade chokerspprox. 31 inches a handmade chokersround from where it is tied a handmade chokerst the end. If you ha handmade chokersve a handmade chokersny more questions plea handmade chokersse a handmade chokerssk before you purcha handmade chokersse. I ship to the USA. No Interna handmade chokerstiona handmade chokersl Shipping. I a handmade chokerslso insure a handmade chokersll of my pa handmade chokerscka handmade chokersges to ma handmade chokerske sure tha handmade chokerst they a handmade chokersrrive to you sa handmade chokersfely. Tha handmade chokersnks for looking.

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