Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pinkyuzen washi, Yellowyuzen washi, Mint Cherry Blossom- Tiny Wood Origami post earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Sta prettyy In Pla prettyce in our city, a prettyll orders will be shipped out a prettyfter April 8th. Tha prettynk you a prettynd sta prettyy hea prettylthy! xoby niceLena pretty\rThese a prettyre tiny a prettynd delica prettyte. my silly da prettyughter is shown in the picture wea prettyring them while holding ba prettyck a pretty giggle. \r\r---print on front *prints ma prettyy va prettyry----\rJa prettypa prettynese Origa prettymi & decora prettytive pa prettyper cutouts by ha prettynd, fused ha prettynd pa prettyinted wood disks a prettynd sea prettyled with three la prettyyers of gla prettyze. \r\rThis look wa prettys origina prettylly designed in 2003 on pa prettytina pretty meta prettyl disks a prettynd ha prettys turned into niceLena pretty's most popula prettyr line. It ha prettys a prettylso inspired ma prettyny others to look a prettyt pa prettyper in a pretty different wa prettyy. I a prettym consta prettyntly on the look out for new prints so, check ba prettyck often. \r\r\r\r**wood size: a pretty little under ha prettylf a prettyn inch (.4" or 11mm)\r **sits on the ea prettyr lobe bea prettyutifully \r**post: silver pla prettyted\r\r\rmore prints a prettyva prettyila prettyble: http://www./shop/niceLena pretty?section_id=7807765

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