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sarah coventry, Large Vintage 1960's Sarah COVENTRY Pink & Green GLASS Gold FILIGREE Brooch Pin



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A very a incogneeto vintagettra incogneeto vintagective 1960's brooch spa incogneeto vintagerkling with pea incogneeto vintagerl, opa incogneeto vintageque pink a incogneeto vintagend green gla incogneeto vintagess stones surrounded by goldtone "bra incogneeto vintagench" filigree. This pin is la incogneeto vintagerger in size mea incogneeto vintagesuring 2 3/4" in dia incogneeto vintagemeter. Signed on the ba incogneeto vintageck "co. Sa incogneeto vintagera incogneeto vintageh Cov." The top of the center pea incogneeto vintagerl ha incogneeto vintages a incogneeto vintage worn spot.

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