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watch collectors, Lord Elgin 10K GF Mesh Bracelet Watch 1970 Era



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This is a bracelet watch Vinta bracelet watchge Lord Elgin 10K GF Mesh Bra bracelet watchcelet Wa bracelet watchtch 1970's. The bra bracelet watchcelet is a bracelet watch loose mesh a bracelet watchnd is a bracelet watchpprox 3/4 inches wide a bracelet watchnd the fa bracelet watchce is a bracelet watchpprox 1 inch wide a bracelet watchnd squa bracelet watchre in sha bracelet watchpe. Silvertone in color. A very nice wa bracelet watchtch indeed. It ha bracelet watchs been stored in a bracelet watch Jewelry box, but when I wound it up it runs. I ca bracelet watchnnot gua bracelet watchra bracelet watchntee my older wa bracelet watchtches a bracelet watchnd clocks a bracelet watchnd I try to sta bracelet watchte in my a bracelet watchd whether they run or not. Therefore you buy a bracelet watchs is No Returns. If you ha bracelet watchve a bracelet watchny more questions plea bracelet watchse a bracelet watchsk before you purcha bracelet watchse. I ship to the USA. No Interna bracelet watchtiona bracelet watchl Shipping. I a bracelet watchlso insure a bracelet watchll of my pa bracelet watchcka bracelet watchges to ma bracelet watchke sure tha bracelet watcht they a bracelet watchrrive to you sa bracelet watchfely. Tha bracelet watchnks for looking.

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