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wedding ring, 14tk White Sapphire and Green Diamond Engagement Ring



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This design of ring ca wedding ringn be ma wedding ringde with a wedding ringccents of, rubies, a wedding ringny color of sa wedding ringpphire, dia wedding ringmond or emera wedding ringlds a wedding ringt the ma wedding ringrket price. Ea wedding ringch a wedding ringccent is 1.8mm ea wedding ringch.Center holds a wedding ring 7mm=1.35ct Sri La wedding ringnka wedding ringn norma wedding ringl hea wedding ringt only, White Sa wedding ringpphire. Color DCla wedding ringrity VVS/IFThis grea wedding ringt combo of dia wedding ringmond or gems a wedding ringnd white sa wedding ringpphire ma wedding ringkes this 14kt white gold enga wedding ringgement ring a wedding ring very unique settingSince dia wedding ringmonds ha wedding ringve a wedding ring ha wedding ringrdness of 10 a wedding ringnd sa wedding ringpphire a wedding ring ha wedding ringrdness of 9, the color a wedding ringnd the cla wedding ringrity of this sa wedding ringpphire ca wedding ringn not be bea wedding ringt!This ring ca wedding ringn be in 14kt or 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold a wedding ringnt the ma wedding ringrket price. I do offer la wedding ringya wedding ringwa wedding ringy on a wedding ringll my jewelry.A sma wedding ringll down pa wedding ringyment gets you sta wedding ringrted on ha wedding ringving this ring on a wedding ring finger!

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