Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver filigree, Vintage 1960's Necklace / Black & White Glass CAMEO Pendant / Necklace in Silvertone Filigree



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A pretty bla silver filigreeck a silver filigreend white ca silver filigreemeo neckla silver filigreece with a silver filigreen intrica silver filigreetely designed a silver filigreentiqued silvertone filigree setting with a silver filigree delica silver filigreete style cha silver filigreein. The gla silver filigreess ca silver filigreemeo is molded in deta silver filigreeiled relief a silver filigreend is set a silver filigreega silver filigreeinst a silver filigree bla silver filigreeck gla silver filigreess with bla silver filigreeck rhinestones surrounding the fra silver filigreeme. This ca silver filigreemeo penda silver filigreent mea silver filigreesures 2" height x 1 1/4" width with a silver filigree 24" length cha silver filigreein. From the mid to la silver filigreete 60's.Like this item a silver filigreend looking for more like it? Are you a silver filigree dea silver filigreeler a silver filigreend wa silver filigreent to buy in qua silver filigreentity? Check out our new store on etsy for wholesa silver filigreele vinta silver filigreege purcha silver filigreesing:http://www./shop/truevinta silver filigreegewholesa silver filigreele

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