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vintage bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 10 Charms 1960 Era



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This is a antique bracelet Sterling Cha antique braceletrm Bra antique braceletcelet with 10 Cha antique braceletrms. Cha antique braceletrms a antique braceletre not ma antique braceletrked Sterling or a antique bracelett lea antique braceletst I could not find the ma antique braceletrk, but they do look like Sterling. The Girl ha antique bracelets a antique bracelet da antique bracelette on it of 10-10-63. The bra antique braceletcelet is ma antique braceletrked Sterling. Cha antique braceletrms a antique braceletre a antique bracelets follows: Ca antique braceletstle, Ma antique braceletllet, Girl, Artist Pa antique braceletllet, Bowling Pin a antique braceletnd Ba antique braceletll, PTA Cha antique braceletlkboa antique braceletrd, School House, Ohio Dia antique braceletmond Jubilee, Spa antique braceletrk Plug, a antique braceletnd a antique bracelet Ga antique braceletrdner's Tool. All in good condition. It weighs 45 Gra antique braceletms. If you ha antique braceletve a antique braceletny more questions plea antique braceletse a antique braceletsk before you purcha antique braceletse. I ship to the USA. No Interna antique bracelettiona antique braceletl. I a antique braceletlso insure a antique braceletll of my pa antique braceletcka antique braceletges to the USA to ma antique braceletke sure tha antique bracelett they a antique braceletrrive to you sa antique braceletfely. Tha antique braceletnks for looking.

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