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925 bracelet, Sterling Silver and Rainbow Cane Glass Beads Bracelet



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This is a sterling bracelet Sterling Silver a sterling braceletnd Ra sterling braceletinbow Colors Ca sterling braceletne Gla sterling braceletss Bea sterling braceletds Bra sterling braceletcelet. It mea sterling braceletsures a sterling braceletpprox. 8 inches long. Good condition. It weighs 15 Gra sterling braceletms. It a sterling braceletlso ha sterling bracelets a sterling bracelet Sterling Lobster Cla sterling braceletw Hook on the end a sterling braceletlong with a sterling bracelet Meta sterling braceletl hea sterling braceletrt tha sterling bracelett is ma sterling braceletrked .925. A very nice Sterling Bra sterling braceletcelet with Bea sterling braceletutiful Ra sterling braceletinbow colored bea sterling braceletds tha sterling bracelett will go with everything. The la sterling braceletdy I bought this from ha sterling braceletd this ma sterling braceletde in 1990 a sterling braceletnd she sa sterling braceletid the bea sterling braceletds a sterling braceletre Sterling a sterling braceletnd I tried to stick a sterling bracelet ma sterling braceletgnet to them a sterling braceletnd they do not stick to it. The only thing tha sterling bracelett would stick to a sterling bracelet ma sterling braceletgnet wa sterling bracelets a sterling bracelet very sma sterling braceletll ring a sterling bracelett one end of the bra sterling braceletcelet. The rest of the silver would not stick including the tria sterling braceletngle sha sterling braceletped bea sterling braceletd. Therefore I a sterling braceletm a sterling braceletssuming tha sterling bracelett it is a sterling braceletll silver like she sta sterling braceletted. The Lobster Cla sterling braceletw did not stick to a sterling bracelet ma sterling braceletgnet either. You buy a sterling bracelets is. No Returns. If you ha sterling braceletve a sterling braceletny more questions plea sterling braceletse a sterling braceletsk before you purcha sterling braceletse. I ship to the USA. No Interna sterling bracelettiona sterling braceletl. I a sterling braceletlso insure a sterling braceletll of my pa sterling braceletcka sterling braceletges to the USA to ma sterling braceletke sure tha sterling bracelett they a sterling braceletrrive to you sa sterling braceletfely. Tha sterling braceletnks for looking.

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