Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pierced earrings, Rhinestone Dangle with Pear Shape Rhinestone at End Pierced Earrings



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This is a dangle rhinestones Vinta dangle rhinestonesge Pa dangle rhinestonesir of Rhinestone Da dangle rhinestonesngle with Pea dangle rhinestonesr Sha dangle rhinestonespe Rhinestone a dangle rhinestonest End Pierced Ea dangle rhinestonesrrings. They mea dangle rhinestonessures a dangle rhinestonespprox. 2 1/2 inches long. Silver tone in color. No ma dangle rhinestonesrkings tha dangle rhinestonest I could find. Good condition with norma dangle rhinestonesl a dangle rhinestonesge wea dangle rhinestonesr. If you ha dangle rhinestonesve a dangle rhinestonesny more questions plea dangle rhinestonesse a dangle rhinestonessk before you purcha dangle rhinestonesse. I ship to the USA. No Interna dangle rhinestonestiona dangle rhinestonesl. I a dangle rhinestoneslso insure a dangle rhinestonesll of my pa dangle rhinestonescka dangle rhinestonesges to the USA to ma dangle rhinestoneske sure tha dangle rhinestonest they a dangle rhinestonesrrive to you sa dangle rhinestonesfely. Tha dangle rhinestonesnks for looking.

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