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2 vintage watches, Qty of 2 Vintage Quartz See Thru Cover Pocket Watches 1970 Era



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This is a collectible watches Qty of 2 Vinta collectible watchesge Qua collectible watchesrtz See Thru Cover Pocket Wa collectible watchestches . I purcha collectible watchessed them from a collectible watches store tha collectible watchest closed so the ba collectible watchestteries ra collectible watchesn down. They a collectible watchesre a collectible watchesll in good condition with norma collectible watchesl a collectible watchesge wea collectible watchesr. One ha collectible watchess a collectible watches cha collectible watchesin a collectible watchesnd the other does not. The one without the cha collectible watchesin is missing the loop a collectible watchest the top so tha collectible watchest a collectible watches cha collectible watchesin ca collectible watchesn be put on it. They will both need ba collectible watchestteries. They a collectible watchesre both Silver tone in color with see thru la collectible watchesttice work on the covers. They ea collectible watchesch mea collectible watchessure a collectible watchespprox. 2 inches a collectible watchescross. I ca collectible watchesnnot gua collectible watchesra collectible watchesntee older wa collectible watchestches a collectible watchesnd clocks, so you buy a collectible watchess is. No returns. If you ha collectible watchesve a collectible watchesny more questions plea collectible watchesse a collectible watchessk before you purcha collectible watchesse. I ship to the USA. No Interna collectible watchestiona collectible watchesl Shipping. I a collectible watcheslso insure a collectible watchesll of my pa collectible watchesckges to ma collectible watcheske sure tha collectible watchest they a collectible watchesrrive to you sa collectible watchesfely. Tha collectible watchesnks for looking.

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