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1960 era bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 16 Charms 1960 -70 Era 40 Grams Sterling



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This is a sterling charms Sterling Cha sterling charmsrm Bra sterling charmscelet with 16 Cha sterling charmsrms. All in good condition. 1960's / 1970's Era sterling charms. It weighs a sterling charms tota sterling charmsl on 40 gra sterling charmsms on my sca sterling charmsle. Cha sterling charmsrms a sterling charmsre a sterling charmss follows, A Pinecone, Ca sterling charmsna sterling charmsda sterling charms Ma sterling charmsple Lea sterling charmsf, A La sterling charmsdy with a sterling charms bow on her hea sterling charmsd, Liberty Bell, Red Cross Bell, Pelica sterling charmsn, Butterfly, 7 a sterling charmsnd a sterling charms Cross, Ca sterling charmsna sterling charmsdia sterling charmsn Mountie, Ha sterling charmsrvestore, Sa sterling charmsn Fra sterling charmsncisco, Holla sterling charmsnd Shoe, Pea sterling charmsrl, Cherries a sterling charmsnd Lea sterling charmsves, Liberty Bell 1976, Sombrero Ha sterling charmst. Most a sterling charmsll cha sterling charmsrms a sterling charmsre ma sterling charmsrked sterling but not a sterling charmsll. The bra sterling charmscelet mea sterling charmssures a sterling charmspprox. 6 inches long so it fits a sterling charms sma sterling charmsll wrist. If you ha sterling charmsve a sterling charmsny more questions plea sterling charmsse a sterling charmssk before you purcha sterling charmsse. I ship to the USA. No Interna sterling charmstiona sterling charmsl. I a sterling charmslso insure a sterling charmsll of my pa sterling charmscka sterling charmsges to the USA to ma sterling charmske sure tha sterling charmst they a sterling charmsrrive to you sa sterling charmsfely. Tha sterling charmsnks for looking.

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