Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

adjustable necklace, Vintage Icing Rhinestone Necklace with Adjustable Chain



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This is a antique rhinestones Vinta antique rhinestonesge Icing Rhinestone Neckla antique rhinestonesce mea antique rhinestonessures Approx. 18 inches a antique rhinestonesround, but it ha antique rhinestoness the extended a antique rhinestonesdjusta antique rhinestonesble cha antique rhinestonesin to ma antique rhinestoneske it la antique rhinestonesrger. Some Round Rhinestones a antique rhinestonesnd Silver Tone Designed neckla antique rhinestonesce tha antique rhinestonest da antique rhinestonesngles downwa antique rhinestonesrd. The ba antique rhinestonesck cha antique rhinestonesin ha antique rhinestoness the Icing ta antique rhinestonesg on it. A Very Nice Neckla antique rhinestonesce. 1970's Era antique rhinestones. All Rhinestones in good sha antique rhinestonespe a antique rhinestonesnd a antique rhinestonesll there. If you ha antique rhinestonesve a antique rhinestonesny more questions plea antique rhinestonesse a antique rhinestonessk before you purcha antique rhinestonesse. I ship to the USA. No Interna antique rhinestonestiona antique rhinestonesl. I a antique rhinestoneslso insure a antique rhinestonesll of my pa antique rhinestonescka antique rhinestonesges to the USA to ma antique rhinestoneske sure tha antique rhinestonest they a antique rhinestonesrrive to you sa antique rhinestonesfely. Tha antique rhinestonesnks for looking.

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