Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone bracelet, Rhinestone Bracelet and Pendant 1970 Era



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This is a antique rhinestones Rhinestone Bra antique rhinestonescelet a antique rhinestonesnd Penda antique rhinestonesnt. The Bra antique rhinestonescelet is a antique rhinestones stretcha antique rhinestonesble bra antique rhinestonescelet a antique rhinestonesnd the Penda antique rhinestonesnt is round a antique rhinestonesnd mea antique rhinestonessures a antique rhinestonespprox. 1 1/2 inches a antique rhinestonescross. It does not ha antique rhinestonesve a antique rhinestones cha antique rhinestonesin tha antique rhinestonest comes with it. The bra antique rhinestonescelet stretches to a antique rhinestonespprox 4 3/4 inches. No ma antique rhinestonesrkings tha antique rhinestonest I could find. All Rhinestones in good sha antique rhinestonespe a antique rhinestonesnd a antique rhinestonesll there. If you ha antique rhinestonesve a antique rhinestonesny more questions plea antique rhinestonesse a antique rhinestonessk before you purcha antique rhinestonesse. I ship to the USA. No Interna antique rhinestonestiona antique rhinestonesl. I a antique rhinestoneslso insure a antique rhinestonesll of my pa antique rhinestonescka antique rhinestonesges to the USA to ma antique rhinestoneske sure tha antique rhinestonest they a antique rhinestonesrrive to you sa antique rhinestonesfely. Tha antique rhinestonesnks for looking.

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