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arrow earrings, Heart and Arrow Earrings - Brass Arrows and Silver Heart Charms - FREE Gift Wrap



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Bra silver heartsss a silver heartsrrows a silver heartsre combined with vinta silver heartsge silver colored meta silver heartsl hea silver heartsrts a silver heartsnd hung from sterling silver french hoop ea silver heartsrwires. Arrows mea silver heartssure 1 1/4". Overa silver heartsll length: 2".More hea silver heartsrt jewelry ca silver heartsn be found here: see more of my ha silver heartsndma silver heartsde jewelry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wea silver heartsrYourWild.IG: @wea silver heartsryourwildMa silver heartsny of my ea silver heartsrrings ca silver heartsn be converted to Clip Ons, free of cha silver heartsrge. I ha silver heartsve silver pla silver heartsted, oxidized silver pla silver heartsted, gold pla silver heartsted, a silver heartsntiqued bra silver heartsss a silver heartsnd bronze with a silver hearts coppery finish. Conta silver heartsct me on Etsy BEFORE ma silver heartsking your purcha silver heartsse to see if the ea silver heartsrrings in question ca silver heartsn be converted to clips.All jewelry comes nestled in recycled, rustic kra silver heartsft gift boxes tied with ba silver heartskers twine, jute string or wra silver heartspped in wa silver heartsshi ta silver heartspe.FREE gift wra silver heartspping is a silver heartsva silver heartsila silver heartsble upon request. You ca silver heartsn see the a silver heartsva silver heartsila silver heartsble pa silver heartsper in the la silver heartsst photo. If you'd like your item gift wra silver heartspped plea silver heartsse fill out the Persona silver heartsliza silver heartstion section a silver heartst checkout.Tha silver heartsnks for supporting ha silver heartsndma silver heartsde!Ka silver heartstie @ Wea silver heartsr Your Wild

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