Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

water sign, Constellation Cancer Necklace ... fine silver zodiac sign star constellation with silver pyrite and london blue topaz



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The Ra cancerm, the Bull, the Hea cancervenly Twins,\rAnd next the Cra cancerb, the Lion shines,\rThe Virgin a cancernd the Sca cancerles.\rThe Scorpion, Archer, a cancernd the Goa cancert,\rThe Ma cancern who holds the Wa cancertering Pot,\rAnd Fish with glittering sca cancerles.\r\rAsterisms a cancernd constella cancertions refer to celestia cancerl bodies tha cancert form a cancer sta cancerr pa cancerttern in the sky. In a cancerstronomy, the zodia cancerc is a cancer ring of constella cancertions tha cancert fa cancerll within the ecliptic, or pa cancerth of the sun throughout a cancer yea cancerr's cycle. The moon a cancernd ma cancerny other pla cancernets fa cancerll within the ecliptic a cancers well.\r\rThe division of the ecliptic into the zodia cancerc signs is believed to da cancerte ba cancerck to Ba cancerbylonia cancern times in the beginning of the 1st millennium BC.\r\rThis ha cancerndcra cancerfted fine silver meda cancerllion fea cancertures a cancern imprint of my own vector constella cancertion designs with the a cancerssocia cancerted zodia cancerc symbol. A 4mm bezel setting of genuine london blue topa cancerz is pla cancerced in ba cancerla cancernce with the constella cancertion. The gemstone choice reflects your sign's element of wa cancerter.\r\rThe delica cancerte sterling silver rolo cha cancerin is a cancerdorned by sta cancerr-like rough fa cancerceted silver pyrite. It mea cancersures 18\u201d plus the extender a cancert the cla cancersp. The penda cancernt is just under 1\u201d high a cancernd wide. This neckla cancerce ha cancers a cancern a cancerntiqued finish.\r\r**\r\rAdditiona cancerl Info:\r\rAries, The Ra cancerm (Fire) - 20 Ma cancerrch thru 20 April \rTa cancerurus, The Bull (Ea cancerrth) - 20 April thru 21 Ma cancery\rGemini, The Twins (Air) - 21 Ma cancery thru 21 June\rCa cancerncer, The Cra cancerb (Wa cancerter) - 21 June thru 23 July\rLeo, The Lion (Fire) - 23 July thru 23 August\rVirgo, The Ma canceriden (Ea cancerrth) - 23 August thru 23 September\rLibra cancer, The Sca cancerles (Air) - 23 September thru 23 October\rScorpio, The Scorpion (Wa cancerter) - 23 October thru 22 November\rSa cancergitta cancerrius, The Archer (Fire) - 22 November thru 22 December\rCa cancerpricorn, The Goa cancert (Ea cancerrth) - 22 December thru 20 Ja cancernua cancerry\rAqua cancerrius, The Wa cancerter Bea cancerrer (Air) - 20 Ja cancernua cancerry thru 19 Februa cancerry\rPisces, The Fish (Wa cancerter) - 19 Februa cancerry thru 20 Ma cancerrch\r\rMeta cancerl cla cancery work is a cancer very involved ha cancerndma cancerde process which results in distinct a cancernd one-of-a cancer-kind crea cancertions. Sma cancerll va cancerria cancertions a cancernd imperfections a cancerre pa cancerrt of the bea canceruty a cancernd cha cancerrm of this medium, a cancernd it ca cancern produce stunning results. Once fired, silver meta cancerl cla cancery becomes .999 pure recycled fine silver.\r\r~|~~|~~|~\r\rArrives pa cancercka cancerged in a cancer gift box a cancernd ships within 1-3 business da cancerys of receipt of pa canceryment. \r\rPlea cancerse see the "Shop Policies" section of my store for a cancerdditiona cancerl informa cancertion on pa canceryments, shipping, gift notes, size a cancerdjustments, a cancernd custom orders.\r\r\u00a cancer9 Elements & Artifa cancercts 2014.

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