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antique black onyx, Vintage Black Onyx Sterling Silver Ring Native American Design



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This is a native american Vinta native americange Bla native americanck Onyx Sterling Silver Ring with a native american Na native americantive America native americann Design . It is in good condition with norma native americanl a native americange wea native americanr. I a native americanm not sure of the size, but it is somewha native americant Sma native americanll a native americans it fits my pinkie finger a native americannd my fingers a native americanre between 8-9. It will not fit my ring finger. I ship to the USA. No Interna native americantiona native americanl shipping. I a native americanlso insure a native americanll of my pa native americancka native americanges to the USA to ma native americanke sure tha native americant they a native americanrrive to you sa native americanfely. Any questions, plea native americanse a native americansk before purcha native americansing. Tha native americannks for looking.

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