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religious charms, Qty of 9 Vintage Sterling Silver Religious Pendants



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This is a sterling silver Qty of 9 Vinta sterling silverge Sterling Silver Religious Penda sterling silvernts. Most a sterling silverll a sterling silverre ma sterling silverrked .925 a sterling silvernd a sterling silverll tested a sterling silvers Silver. The La sterling silverrgest Cha sterling silverrm with the Ship Wheel a sterling silvernd Jesus on the Cross a sterling silvernd the Anchor mea sterling silversures a sterling silverpprox. 1 1/4 inches X 1 1/4 inches to give you a sterling silvern idea sterling silver of the size of these cha sterling silverrms. Good Condition with norma sterling silverl a sterling silverge wea sterling silverr. If you ha sterling silverve a sterling silverny more questions plea sterling silverse a sterling silversk before you purcha sterling silverse. I ship to the USA. No Interna sterling silvertiona sterling silverl. I a sterling silverlso insure a sterling silverll of my pa sterling silvercka sterling silverges to the USA to ma sterling silverke sure tha sterling silvert they a sterling silverrrive to you sa sterling silverfely. Tha sterling silvernks for looking.

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