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Plea sterling snowflakesse Note: I a sterling snowflakesm running VERY low on these. I ma sterling snowflakesy be a sterling snowflakesble to get more snowfla sterling snowflakeskes soon, but I don't ha sterling snowflakesve a sterling snowflakesn exa sterling snowflakesct da sterling snowflakeste. If these sell out check ba sterling snowflakesck to see if a sterling snowflakesnd when I relist them. You ca sterling snowflakesn a sterling snowflakeslso messa sterling snowflakesge me a sterling snowflakesnd I ca sterling snowflakesn conta sterling snowflakesct you when/if I get them. I do ha sterling snowflakesve more snowfla sterling snowflakeskes tha sterling snowflakest a sterling snowflakesre just a sterling snowflakess bea sterling snowflakesutiful. One is rose gold over sterling silver. The other one is gol vermeil over sterling silver. There is a sterling snowflakes link a sterling snowflakes few lines down. Sterling silver snowfla sterling snowflakeskes da sterling snowflakesngle from sterling silver french hoop ea sterling snowflakesr wires or pla sterling snowflakesin french ea sterling snowflakesr wires. Overa sterling snowflakesll length: a sterling snowflakespproxima sterling snowflakestely 1 1/4". The snowfla sterling snowflakeskes mea sterling snowflakessure 12 mm or a sterling snowflakes little under 1/2" . More snowfla sterling snowflakeskes ca sterling snowflakesn be found here: Holida sterling snowflakesy jewelry ca sterling snowflakesn be found here: see more of my ha sterling snowflakesndma sterling snowflakesde jewelry in my shop, click this link:Wea sterling snowflakesrYourWild.IG: @ wea sterling snowflakesryourwildMa sterling snowflakesny of my ea sterling snowflakesrrings ca sterling snowflakesn be converted to Clip Ons, free of cha sterling snowflakesrge. I ha sterling snowflakesve silver pla sterling snowflakested, oxidized silver pla sterling snowflakested, gold pla sterling snowflakested, a sterling snowflakesntiqued bra sterling snowflakesss a sterling snowflakesnd bronze with a sterling snowflakes coppery finish. Conta sterling snowflakesct me on Etsy BEFORE ma sterling snowflakesking your purcha sterling snowflakesse to see if the ea sterling snowflakesrrings in question ca sterling snowflakesn be converted to clips.All jewelry comes nestled in recycled, rustic kra sterling snowflakesft gift boxes tied with ba sterling snowflakeskers twine, jute string or wra sterling snowflakespped in wa sterling snowflakesshi ta sterling snowflakespe.FREE gift wra sterling snowflakespping is a sterling snowflakesva sterling snowflakesila sterling snowflakesble upon request. You ca sterling snowflakesn see the a sterling snowflakesva sterling snowflakesila sterling snowflakesble pa sterling snowflakesper in the la sterling snowflakesst photo. If you'd like your item gift wra sterling snowflakespped plea sterling snowflakesse fill out the Persona sterling snowflakesliza sterling snowflakestion section a sterling snowflakest checkout.Tha sterling snowflakesnks for supporting ha sterling snowflakesndma sterling snowflakesde!Ka sterling snowflakestie @ Wea sterling snowflakesr Your Wild

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