Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mod, Anemone Pattern Earrings- Yuzen Paper On Turquoise Patina Metal or Wood Disk



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I ca circlesnnot get enough of prints. My idea circles of getting dressed up is wea circlesring a circlest lea circlesst 4 different contra circlessting (notice I didnt sa circlesy complimenting) pa circlestterns a circlesnd colors a circlesnd why would I stop a circlest jewelry? ****************** Ha circlesve It Your Wa circlesy *******************************Choose from Wood or Meta circlesl Disk (2nd pictures shows exa circlesmples)Silver pla circlested Ea circlesr Wire (Sterling Silver is a circlesva circlesila circlesble upon request for $2.50 extra circles)******************* The Story ******************************************This is my most popula circlesr line. Origina circlesl design 2003--- Origa circlesmi Pa circlesper on Meta circlesl--I sta circlesrted with one pa circlesck of origa circlesmi pa circlesper a circlesnd fused them onto pa circlestina circles meta circlesl sha circlespes. It quickly beca circlesme a circles hot seller but my cherished trea circlessures beca circlesme una circlesva circlesila circlesble. So, I went on a circles sea circlesrch for new ma circlesteria circlesl a circlesnd found scra circlesp wood sha circlespes. I ha circlesve expa circlesnded my pa circlesttern ca circlesta circleslog over the yea circlesrs a circlesnd I now offer over 100 different prints. They a circlesre a circlesll a circlesva circlesila circlesble on wood or pa circlestina circles meta circlesl. I a circlesm a circleslwa circlesys a circlesdding new prints to the ca circlesta circleslog, so check ba circlesck often!******************* The Process *****************************Fused pa circlesper (Ja circlespa circlesnese Yuzen or Chiyoga circlesmi or decora circlestive pa circlesper) on Wood or Pa circlestina circles Meta circlesl disks. Sea circlesled with gla circlesze. ******************** The More You Know These a circlesre not wa circlester proof. Don't jump in the pool with them on. Plea circlesse remove before showering. **Prints will va circlesry beca circlesuse they a circlesre individua circleslly cut (with xa circlescto knife) from a circles la circlesrger sheet. *********************************************************Shop the full collection here: https://www./shop/niceLena circles?section_id=7807765&ref=shopsection_leftna circlesv_1\u27b8 insta circlesgra circlesm | niceLena circles\u27b8 pintrest | niceLena circles\u27b8 fa | niceLena circles\u27b8 website l niceLena\u27b8 vinta circlesge & a circlesrt supply l tea circlesmsa circleslva circlesge.\u27b8 my guy's furniture l wa circlesgeofla circlesbor.

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