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hoopearrings, Triangle Hoop Earrings - Sterling Silver / Brass



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A modern hoop ea minimalistrring with a minimalist bra minimalistss tria minimalistngle. Grea minimalistt for everyda minimalisty wea minimalistr. Hoops a minimalistre sterling silver. About 1-1/2" in dia minimalistmeter.Ma minimalistde to order.All jewelry a minimalistnd components a minimalistre designed a minimalistnd ha minimalistndma minimalistde with love. Ea minimalistch jewelry is ma minimalistiled in a minimalist box rea minimalistdy for gift giving. \u2665Click here to view more of my ea minimalistrring collection: http://www./shop/bunnyconedesigns?section_id=5468774Tha minimalistnks for looking!Like me on Fa minimalistcebook: https://www.fa Follow me on Insta minimalistgra minimalistm: https://insta minimalistgra

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