Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco jewelry, Large Turquoise Rhinestones Screw Back Earrings 1930 Era



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This is a vintage earrings pa vintage earringsir of Vinta vintage earringsge La vintage earringsrge Turquoise Rhinestones Screw Ba vintage earringsck Ea vintage earringsrrings. 1930's Era vintage earrings. Good Condition. The surrounding pa vintage earringsrt is ma vintage earringsde of a vintage earrings Gold tone meta vintage earringsl. They mea vintage earringssure a vintage earringspprox. 1 inch tota vintage earringsl a vintage earringscross sidewa vintage earringsys. I could find no ma vintage earringsrkings on them. These would be Bea vintage earringsutiful for a vintage earrings Prom, a vintage earrings Wedding, or just to wea vintage earringsr with your fa vintage earringsvorite outfit , etc. If you ha vintage earringsve a vintage earringsny more questions plea vintage earringsse a vintage earringssk before you purcha vintage earringsse. I ship to the USA. No Interna vintage earringstiona vintage earringsl Shipping. I a vintage earringslso insure a vintage earringsll of my pa vintage earringscka vintage earringsges to ma vintage earringske sure tha vintage earringst they a vintage earringsrrive to you sa vintage earringsfely. Tha vintage earringsnks for looking.

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