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These Chunky hoops a earringsre surprisingly light. They a earringsre .26" thick, 1.16" a earringscross, 2.4"drop from ea earringsr hole. There is a earrings wide va earringsriety of ha earringsrd drive spa earringscers. They a earringsre the pa earringsrt in your computer tha earringst connects the disc to the spindle..... These ha earringsrd drives a earringsre being pha earringssed out by solid sta earringste, with no moving pieces! But the new ones ca earringsn't hold a earringss much da earringsta earrings.... yet!Ha earringsrd drive sepa earringsra earringstors a earringsre perfectly round. Older computers with sta earringscks of hd discs were full of these pristine loops. Surgica earringsl steel ea earringsr hooks. Very light a earringsnd eye ca earringstching.Finding bea earringsuty in unexpected pla earringsces - Melissa earrings Glick works out of the Artisa earringsn's Asylum in Somerville MA. She is inspired by the va earringsriety of sha earringspes, colors, ma earringsteria earringsls, textures a earringsnd pa earringstterns of the components in outda earringsted technology a earringsnd combines them with a earringsppropria earringsted ima earringsgery in three dimensiona earringsl colla earringsge she ca earringslls Ha earringscker Crea earringstions. See more of her work a earringst: www.ha earringsckercrea

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