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vintage bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 16 Charms 1960 -70 Era



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This is a charm bracelet Vinta charm braceletge Buddha charm bracelet Chinese Asia charm braceletn chunky a charm braceletnd bold retro cha charm braceletrm bra charm braceletcelet. It mea charm braceletsures a charm braceletpprox. 7 1/2" long. For size compa charm braceletrison, the la charm braceletrgest cha charm braceletrm mea charm braceletsures 1 1/2" long a charm braceletnd some by 1 1/8" wide. It ha charm bracelets gla charm braceletss bea charm braceletds, fa charm braceletux bea charm braceletds, a charm bracelet Chinese Coin, a charm bracelet Buddha charm bracelet with red, blue a charm braceletnd green rhinestones. There a charm braceletre Chinese symbols, a charm braceletnd much more. It a charm braceletppea charm braceletrs to ha charm braceletve a charm bracelet few missing cha charm braceletrms a charm bracelets there a charm braceletre still some rings on the bra charm braceletcelet with no cha charm braceletrms in tha charm bracelett a charm braceletrea charm bracelet of the bra charm braceletcelet, but you could a charm braceletdd your own. If you ha charm braceletve a charm braceletny more questions plea charm braceletse a charm braceletsk before you purcha charm braceletse. I ship to the USA. No Interna charm bracelettiona charm braceletl. I a charm braceletlso insure a charm braceletll of my pa charm braceletcka charm braceletges to the USA to ma charm braceletke sure tha charm bracelett they a charm braceletrrive to you sa charm braceletfely. Tha charm braceletnks for looking.

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