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blue stone ring, Vintage Victorian or Deco Period Large Square Blue Stone Ring SZ. 4



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This is a collectible ring Vinta collectible ringge Victoria collectible ringn or Deco Period La collectible ringrge Squa collectible ringre Blue Stone Ring SZ. 4. It ha collectible rings a collectible ring ma collectible ringrking but I ca collectible ringnnot rea collectible ringd it, but I a collectible ringm going to ta collectible ringke a collectible ring guess a collectible ringnd sa collectible ringy Mexico so it might even be gold pla collectible ringted. It is Gold Tone in Color a collectible ringnd I believe it to be ma collectible ringde of Bra collectible ringss. The stone mea collectible ringsures a collectible ringpprox. 3/8 X 1/2 inches. The ba collectible ringnd is bent a collectible ring little a collectible rings per the photo. I ship to the USA. No Interna collectible ringtiona collectible ringl shipping. I a collectible ringlso insure a collectible ringll of my pa collectible ringcka collectible ringges to the USA to ma collectible ringke sure tha collectible ringt they a collectible ringrrive to you sa collectible ringfely. Any questions, plea collectible ringse a collectible ringsk before purcha collectible ringsing. Tha collectible ringnks for looking.

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