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sterling pendant, Floral Vintage 1940's STERLING SILVER Gold Vermeil Brooch Pin or Pendant



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La vintage costumete 1940's sterling silver brooch is a vintage costumen interesting flora vintage costumel design. Gorgeous stones a vintage costumere a vintage costume wonderful combina vintage costumetion of colors of coba vintage costumelt blue a vintage costumend purple. There is a vintage costume ring a vintage costumet the top so tha vintage costumet you ca vintage costumen wea vintage costumer this vinta vintage costumege brooch a vintage costumes a vintage costume penda vintage costument.This forties pin ha vintage costumes a vintage costume gold wa vintage costumesh which is ca vintage costumelled gold vermeil when it is on sterling silver. It's a vintage costume la vintage costumerger piece mea vintage costumesuring 2" x 2". Ma vintage costumerked STERLING on the ba vintage costumeck. Very good condition, just gorgeous!Like this item a vintage costumend looking for more like it? Are you a vintage costume dea vintage costumeler a vintage costumend wa vintage costument to buy in qua vintage costumentity? Check out our new store on etsy for wholesa vintage costumele vinta vintage costumege purcha vintage costumesing:http://www./shop/truevinta vintage costumegewholesa vintage costumele

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