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speidel, Vintage Speidel Ladies Twist On Watch Band Still in Package 1960 Era



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This is a vintage speidel Vinta vintage speidelge Speidel La vintage speideldies Twist On Wa vintage speideltch Ba vintage speidelnd Still in Pa vintage speidelcka vintage speidelge. 1960's Era vintage speidel. Old Stock, but still new a vintage speidelnd unused in origina vintage speidell pa vintage speidelcka vintage speidelge. Gold Tone in color. The ba vintage speidelnd mea vintage speidelsures a vintage speidelpprox. 5 1/2 inches long from mea vintage speidelsuring it in the pa vintage speidelcka vintage speidelge. I a vintage speidelm not sure how it connects to the wa vintage speideltch a vintage speidels I thought there ha vintage speideld to be some sma vintage speidelll pins on the end a vintage speidelnd I ca vintage speidelnnot tell if there a vintage speidelre a vintage speidelny in the pa vintage speidelcka vintage speidelge or not. You buy a vintage speidels is no returns.If you ha vintage speidelve a vintage speidelny more questions plea vintage speidelse a vintage speidelsk before you purcha vintage speidelse. I ship to the USA. No Interna vintage speideltiona vintage speidell Shipping. I a vintage speidellso insure a vintage speidelll of my pa vintage speidelckges to ma vintage speidelke sure tha vintage speidelt they a vintage speidelrrive to you sa vintage speidelfely. Tha vintage speidelnks for looking.

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