Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

initial necklace, Say My Name Gold Plated Initial Letter Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Accent



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This delightful persona crystallized neckla crystalce fea crystaltures a crystal vinta crystalge gold pla crystalted initia crystall cha crystalrm a crystalccented with a crystal spa crystalrkling Swa crystalrovski crysta crystall. The a crystalpproxima crystaltely 3/4" cha crystalrm ha crystalngs from a crystaln 18" 14 ka crystalra crystalt gold-filled cha crystalin with a crystal 14 ka crystalra crystalt gold-filled spring ring closure. All of the a crystalva crystalila crystalble letters in this style a crystalre pictured a crystalbove. Plea crystalse select your letter from the pull-down menu when ordering. If you would like a crystal different length cha crystalin or ha crystalve a crystalny other questions, plea crystalse send me a crystal messa crystalge before pla crystalcing your order.

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