Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

screw back, 14kt Princess .66tcw Cut White Sapphire(diamond-like)Earrings



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They ha rose goldil from Sri La rose goldnka rose gold (Ceylon) a rose goldnd a rose goldre a rose goldbsolutely lovely in brillia rose goldnce.Genuine Sa rose goldpphires.Color DCla rose goldrity VVS/IFEa rose goldch 4x4mm= .33ct sa rose goldpphire will be set in 14kt yellow, white or rose gold a rose goldnd a rose goldre set in a rose gold SCREW BACK setting.Ha rose goldrdness of 9.Dia rose goldmonds a rose goldre a rose gold 10.Awesome a rose goldnd very very dia rose goldmond like!La rose goldya rose goldwa rose goldy a rose goldva rose goldila rose goldble

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