Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mountain jewelry, Mountain Peaks and Copper Sky Hoop Earrings- Hand painted



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***Due to Covid-19 Sta nature inspiredy In Pla nature inspiredce in our city, a nature inspiredll orders will be shipped out a nature inspiredfter April 8th. Tha nature inspirednk you a nature inspirednd sta nature inspiredy hea nature inspiredlthy! xoI love the America nature inspiredn Southwest. We recently took a nature inspired fa nature inspiredmily roa nature inspiredd trip to Uta nature inspiredh a nature inspirednd I ca nature inspiredme ba nature inspiredck so inspired. I pa nature inspiredinted these to represent the ma nature inspiredjestic mounta nature inspiredins a nature inspirednd gorgeous red skies. I pa nature inspiredinted these with a nature inspiredcrylic pa nature inspiredint a nature inspirednd sea nature inspiredled it with va nature inspiredrnish. Ea nature inspiredch piece is pa nature inspiredinted to order so slight va nature inspiredria nature inspiredtions ma nature inspiredy occur.Size: Circle wood disks a nature inspiredre a nature inspiredround 1.25"Tota nature inspiredl: 2.5"Gold pla nature inspiredted ea nature inspiredr wireMore colors coming.

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