Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

techno fashion, Recycled Computer Part Earrings



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Recycled E-Wa piercedste: Colorful Techie Ea piercedrrings FREE SHIPPINGLoops, hoops, spa piercedcers from ha piercedrd drives! There a piercedre ma piercedny different pa piercedtters, thicknesses a piercednd meta piercedl tints. But these a piercedre cla piercedssic perfect circles with lots of perfect circula piercedr holes going a piercedround in a pierced circle. They da piercedngle from surgica piercedl steel pierced ea piercedrring wires. Ma piercedde a piercedt The Artisa piercedn's Asylum in Somerville, MA. Member of Etsy Boston Artists a piercednd Boston Ha piercednd Ma piercedde. Visit www.ha piercedckercrea piercedtions .com to see more of my work. Follow Computer Pa piercedrt Art on Fa piercedcebook! FREE SHIPPING in continenta piercedl US Plea piercedse convo for shipping outside continenta piercedl US

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