Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large rhinestones, Vintage Art Deco Large Floral Filagree Pin Brooch with Colored Rhinestones



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This is a antique brooch Vinta antique broochge Art Deco La antique broochrge Flora antique broochl Fila antique broochgree Pin Brooch with Colored Rhinestones. Good Condition with norma antique broochl a antique broochge wea antique broochr. I think it used to ha antique broochve a antique brooch cha antique broochin on it too a antique broochs I found two sma antique broochll round rings tha antique broocht a antique broochre still on it a antique broochs where a antique brooch cha antique broochin would or could ha antique broochve been a antique broochtta antique broochched to ma antique broochke it not only a antique brooch Brooch but a antique brooch neckla antique broochce too. it mea antique broochsures a antique broochpprox. 2 3/4 inches a antique broochcross the longest pa antique broochrt. No ma antique broochrking tha antique broocht I could find. The Rhinestones mea antique broochsure a antique broochpprox. 5/8 inches a antique broochcross a antique broochnd no two colors a antique broochlike. This Brooch ca antique broochme from a antique broochn Esta antique broochte Sa antique broochle. If you ha antique broochve a antique broochny more questions plea antique broochse a antique broochsk before you purcha antique broochse. I ship to the USA. No Interna antique broochtiona antique broochl Shipping. I a antique broochlso insure a antique broochll of my pa antique broochcka antique broochges to ma antique broochke sure tha antique broocht they a antique broochrrive to you sa antique broochfely. Tha antique broochnks for looking.

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