Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Neckla pliersce comprised of a pliers rea pliersl working pa pliersir of mini meta pliersl pliers with which ha pliersng from a pliers silver pla pliersted cha pliersin finished with a pliers silver pla pliersted wire cla plierssp. This unique neckla pliersce wa plierss designed a pliersnd a pliersssembled by Ma pliersry Andrews, a pliers jewelry designer a pliersnd Artist dwelling in Brooklyn, NY.* Neckla pliersce cha pliersin mea plierssures 24 inches in length.* Meta pliersl Pliers ha pliersve double sided deta pliersiling, mea plierssure just under 3 inches, a pliersnd a pliersre a pliers novelty tool.* Perfect for the DIY do it yourselfer, ha pliersndyma pliersn, meta pliersl-smither, jewelry ma pliersker, a pliersnd a pliers unique find tha plierst will certa pliersinly be a pliers conversa plierstion sta pliersrter.SPECIAL NOTES: --------------------------Tha pliersnks so much for ta pliersking a pliers peek a pliersnd plea pliersse ha pliersve a pliers look a pliersround the rest of the shop: contra pliersry..

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