Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand stamped, The Latinate Collection Domed Custom Sterling Silver Ring



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This 4mm wide ha namelf round sterling silver ring is ha namend-sta namemped with a name La nametin proverb or phra namese of your choice. There's a namen unsurprisingly thorough list here: http://en.wikipedia nametin_phra nameses_%28full%29I ca namen a namelso sta namemp na namemes or phra nameses in a nameny other la namengua namege tha namet uses the sa nameme a namelpha namebet, including English! The ring pictured rea nameds "Amor Vincit Omnia name," which tra namensla nametes a names "Love Conquers All."Plea namese specify word or phra namese a namend choose size a namend finish when ordering. If you would prefer a name different width, plea namese conta namect me for pricing before pla namecing your order. Ask a namebout a name custom order in 14 or 18 ka namera namet gold!

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