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repurposed, Red circuit board earrings recycled computer part



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Recycled Computer Pa technologyrts Techie Ea technologyrrings FREE Shipping!RED upcycled ea technologyrrings with gold rimmed holes ma technologyrked, "ma technologychine screw holes - tight". They a technologyre one of a technology series of ea technologyrrings ma technologyde of pcb - printed circuit boa technologyrd ma technologyteria technologyl.... from a technology promotiona technologyl ruler!Da technologyngling from surgica technologyl steel pierced ea technologyrring wires. Finding bea technologyuty in unexpected pla technologyces,I a technologym inspired by the va technologyriety of sha technologypes, colors, ma technologyteria technologyls, textures a technologynd pa technologytterns found in outda technologyted technology. My work combines these three dimensiona technologyl form with a technologyppropria technologyted ima technologygery in sculptura technologyl colla technologyge I ca technologyll Ha technologycker Crea technologytions. Working out of The Artisa technologyn's Asylum in Somerville, MA since 2012.Visit www.ha technologyckercrea to see more of my work.

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