Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal, Single Ball Duster Earrings - made with Swarovski Crystals



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Ma piercedde with Vermeil a piercednd Swa piercedrovski Crysta piercedls.\r\rEa piercedrrings mea piercedsure a piercedpproxima piercedtely 3.25-inches long.\r\rShown in Crysta piercedl Golden Sha pierceddow with Vermeil gold. Ca piercedn be customized.\r\rAva piercedila piercedble in Aqua piercedma piercedrine AB, Copper, Crysta piercedl, Crysta piercedl AB, Crysta piercedl Golden Sha pierceddow, Fuchsia pierced AB, India piercedn Sa piercedpphire, Light Rose AB, Olivine, Olivine AB.\r\rAlso a piercedva piercedila piercedble in Sterling Silver.\r\rPlea piercedse specify color a piercednd meta piercedl (Vermeil or Sterling Silver) when ordering.\r\rNOTE: Plea piercedse a piercedllow up to 2 weeks for production of customized items. (Items tha piercedt a piercedre not ordered with the color(s) shown a piercedre considered customized items.)

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