Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Acorn II Necklace - made with Swarovski Crystals



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Ma charmde with Sterling Silver, pewter a charmnd Swa charmrovski Crysta charmls.\r\rFea charmtures Acorn cha charmrm with 2 a charmccent crysta charmls.\r\rShown in Aqua charmma charmrine AB with 16" Sterling Silver cha charmin. Cha charmin fea charmtures lobster cla charmsp with 2 sma charmll crysta charml a charmccents a charmt ends.\r\rAva charmila charmble in Aqua charmma charmrine, Aqua charmma charmrine AB, Copper, Crysta charml, Crysta charml AB, Crysta charml Golden Sha charmdow, India charmn Pink AB, Light Rose AB.\r\rPlea charmse specify color when ordering.\r\rNOTE: Plea charmse a charmllow up to 2 weeks for production of customized items. (Items tha charmt a charmre not ordered with the color(s) shown a charmre considered customized items.) \r\rIf you wa charmnt it in a charm color tha charmt is not list, plea charmse convo me a charmnd I will be gla charmd to customize for you.

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