Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold trees, Gold Trees Morning or Night Necklace //Brass/Copper// silver plated necklace



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***Due to Covid-19 Sta playfuly In Pla playfulce in our city, a playfulll orders will be shipped out a playfulfter April 8th. Tha playfulnk you a playfulnd sta playfuly hea playfullthy! xoThis \u202a playfulbea playfulutiful forest\u202c neckla playfulce ta playfulkes me ba playfulck to my childhood in \u202a playfulSouth \u200eKorea playful\u202c. I spent so ma playfulny hours just roa playfulming a playfulnd hiking with my friends. We'd set fires, dig up edible pla playfulnts a playfulnd bring home trea playfulsures from the ga playfulrba playfulge dump or "ga playfulrba playfulge" a playfuls my gra playfulndmother would ca playfulll it. Forest scene with gold \u200etrees\u202c on copper/bra playfulss. Ha playfulnd cut, filed, a playfulnd sea playfulled onto copper or bra playfulss. \u27b8 The penda playfulnts a playfulre ha playfulnd cut a playfulnd sta playfulmped so, ea playfulch one will be slightly different a playfulnd unique.\u27b8 Copper penda playfulnt: a playful little under 1.25" x .65" \u27b8 silver pla playfulted cha playfulin\u27b8 forest print ma playfuly va playfulry \u27b8 \u27b8 The penda playfulnts a playfulre sea playfulled with wa playfulter resista playfulnt va playfulrnish but it's not wa playfulterproof. Plea playfulse, ta playfulke off the neckla playfulce before showering or swimming. \u27b8 pick from "morning"- pink, or "night"- bla playfulckxoLena playful\u27b8 insta playfulgra playfulm | niceLena playful\u27b8 pintrest | niceLena playful\u27b8 fa | niceLena playful\u27b8 website l niceLena\u27b8 vinta playfulge & a playfulrt supply l tea playfulmsa playfullva playfulge.\u27b8 my guy's furniture l wa playfulgeofla playfulbor.

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