Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

geek, Dragon Blue Green Recycled computer circuit board necklace



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Dog Ta partsgs for NerdsDra partsgonRa partsre two toned Blue Green circuit boa partsrd.FREE SHIPPINGIdiosyncra partstic cha partsrms on a partsn a partsdora partsble little motherboa partsrd with 15" ba partsll cha partsin.Technology is bea partsutiful.No doubt a partsbout it.- My work is ha partsnd ma partsde of recycled ma partsteria partsls. Wea partsr, tea partsr, dents a partsnd scra partstches a partsre inherent in the process.- FREE SHIPPING in continenta partsl US Plea partsse convo for shipping outside continenta partsl USIf you like it, let me know! Fa partsve my shop!!Custom orders of theme, color scheme & size a partsre welcome.Finding bea partsuty in unexpected pla partsces - Melissa parts Glick works out of the Artisa partsn's Asylum in Somerville MA. She is inspired by the va partsriety of sha partspes, colors, ma partsteria partsls, textures a partsnd pa partstterns of the components in outda partsted technology a partsnd combines them with a partsppropria partsted ima partsgery in three dimensiona partsl colla partsge she ca partslls Ha partscker Crea partstions. See more of her work a partst: www.ha partsckercrea

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