Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pistol, Handcuff Gun Necklace The Outlaw Lariat



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This unique neckla pistolce wa pistols designed a pistolnd a pistolssembled by Ma pistolry Andrews, a pistol jewelry designer a pistolnd Artist dwelling in Brooklyn, NY. La pistolria pistolt neckla pistolce is comprised of a pistol pa pistolir of bra pistolss deta pistoliled ha pistolndcuffs, a pistol bra pistolss gun cha pistolrm, a pistolnd a pistol long skinny gold toned cha pistolin tha pistolt slips through either ha pistolndcuff to complete la pistolria pistolt. * Neckla pistolce cha pistolin mea pistolsures 24 inches in length.* Neckla pistolce is completely a pistoldjusta pistolble for severa pistoll different looks a pistolnd styles. * It slips right over the hea pistold a pistolnd ca pistoln be a pistoldjusted a pistolccordingly. * Neckla pistolce is light weight a pistolnd would ma pistolke a pistol grea pistolt gift for the outla pistolw, mischief ma pistolker, ra pistolnger, police officer, or other type of trouble ma pistolker in your life.SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Need more tha pistoln one? Conta pistolct me if you a pistolre interested in multiples of this or a pistolny item listed in the shop.* Tha pistolnks so much for ta pistolking a pistol peek a pistolnd plea pistolse ha pistolve a pistol look a pistolround the rest of the shop: contra pistolry..

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