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engraved, The Latinate Collection Custom Hand Stamped Brass Ring



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Ea stampedch of these bra stampedss rings is ha stampednd-sta stampedmped with the La stampedtin proverb or phra stampedse of your choice. I ca stampedn custom-design a stamped ring with the words of your sta stampedte motto, college sea stampedl or something you lea stampedrned in high school La stampedtin a stampedbout Cornelia stamped sitting under a stamped tree. If you need inspira stampedtion, there's a stampedn unsurprisingly thorough list here: http://en.wikipedia stampedtin_phra stampedses_%28full%29 I ca stampedn a stampedlso sta stampedmp na stampedmes or phra stampedses in a stampedny other la stampedngua stampedge tha stampedt uses the sa stampedme a stampedlpha stampedbet, including English!Plea stampedse specify word or phra stampedse a stampednd width (3mm or 4.5mm) a stampednd choose size a stampednd finish when ordering.Bra stampedss will develop a stamped na stampedtura stampedl pa stampedtina stamped over time. It ca stampedn be clea stampedned a stampednd polished with a stampedny commercia stampedl bra stampedss polish if you prefer to keep your ring shiny. Plea stampedse note tha stampedt this listing is for one ring.

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