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electronics, Recycled Electronics Switch Broach Metal and Bakealite



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Switch Broa electronicschThis is a electronics broa electronicsch ma electronicsde from a electronicsn old switch- pre-digita electronicsl, pre-integra electronicsted circuits. Ma electronicsde from ba electronicske-a electronics-lite -pre-pla electronicsstic. The brown color resembles fa electronicsll lea electronicsves, but in the sha electronicspe of a electronicsn eye. I a electronicsdd va electronicsrious things to them including, doll eyes a electronicsnd wa electronicstches tha electronicst work. They a electronicsre unique, ra electronicsre, origina electronicsl, idiosyncra electronicstic. The center pa electronicsrt rota electronicstes - like a electronics switch!FREE SHIPPINGTechnology is bea electronicsutiful.No doubt a electronicsbout it.#ewa electronicsstea electronicsrt- My work is ha electronicsnd ma electronicsde of recycled ma electronicsteria electronicsls. Wea electronicsr, tea electronicsr, dents a electronicsnd scra electronicstches a electronicsre inherent in the process.- FREE SHIPPING in continenta electronicsl US Plea electronicsse convo for shipping outside continenta electronicsl US- If you like it, let me know! Fa electronicsve my shop!!- Custom orders of theme, color scheme & size a electronicsre welcome.Finding bea electronicsuty in unexpected pla electronicsces - Melissa electronics Glick works out of the Artisa electronicsn's Asylum in Somerville MA. She is inspired by the va electronicsriety of sha electronicspes, colors, ma electronicsteria electronicsls, textures a electronicsnd pa electronicstterns of the components in outda electronicsted technology a electronicsnd combines them with a electronicsppropria electronicsted ima electronicsgery in three dimensiona electronicsl colla electronicsge she ca electronicslls Ha electronicscker Crea electronicstions. See more of her work a electronicst: www.ha electronicsckercrea

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