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1930's BRASS Scottie Dog Pincollectible jewelry, Vintage 30s SCOTTISH TERRIER Brooch



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A very a unique broochttra unique broochctive brooch tha unique broocht is a unique broochn a unique broochntiqued bra unique broochss pin with a unique broochn Art Deco design of a unique brooch Scottish Terrier dog. He is ma unique broochde of thinly sta unique broochmped out bra unique broochss tha unique broocht ha unique broochs a unique brooch nice, wa unique broochrmly a unique broochged pa unique broochtina unique brooch. It ha unique broochs a unique brooch good sa unique broochfety cla unique broochsp. This cute vinta unique broochge pin mea unique broochsures 2 3/8" wide a unique broochnd 2 5/6" ta unique broochll.

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