Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

RARE 1930's Miriam HASKELLmiriam haskell beads, Industrial Design Chrome and Black Glass Beadedmiriam haskell beads, Pair of 30s Art DECO Dress Clips



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Here we ha unsigned haskellve a unsigned haskell fa unsigned haskellbulous pa unsigned haskellir of vinta unsigned haskellge 1930s dress clips ma unsigned haskellde with shiny chrome a unsigned haskellnd bla unsigned haskellck gla unsigned haskellss bea unsigned haskellds in a unsigned haskell very Art Deco design! The industria unsigned haskelll design is the la unsigned haskellmpsha unsigned haskellde look of Miria unsigned haskellm Ha unsigned haskellskell in the 1930s. Although they a unsigned haskellre unsigned, they ha unsigned haskellve a unsigned haskellll the ea unsigned haskellr ma unsigned haskellrks of unsigned pre World Wa unsigned haskellr II Ha unsigned haskellskell. The clip ba unsigned haskellck is right a unsigned haskellnd the design is signa unsigned haskellture Ha unsigned haskellskell. These vinta unsigned haskellge a unsigned haskellrt deco dress clip a unsigned haskellre in grea unsigned haskellt condition, bea unsigned haskellding a unsigned haskellnd clip a unsigned haskellre secure a unsigned haskellnd work fine.There is some very minor wea unsigned haskellr to the sides of the fa unsigned haskelln design. It a unsigned haskellctua unsigned haskelllly looks clea unsigned haskellner in person. The ca unsigned haskellmera unsigned haskell reflected the da unsigned haskellrkness more tha unsigned haskelln it a unsigned haskellctua unsigned haskelllly is.I will gua unsigned haskellra unsigned haskellntee a unsigned haskelluthenticity to Miria unsigned haskellm Ha unsigned haskellskell a unsigned haskellnd your sa unsigned haskelltisfa unsigned haskellction to these wonderful pieces.Mea unsigned haskellsurements:1 1/4 inches in height1 3/8 inches a unsigned haskellt the widestTwo wonderful clips tha unsigned haskellt ca unsigned haskelln be worn a unsigned haskells intended in the corners of a unsigned haskell squa unsigned haskellre dress neck line or a unsigned haskells sca unsigned haskellrf clips, ha unsigned haskellt clips, or incorpora unsigned haskellted on a unsigned haskell neckla unsigned haskellce. The clips works grea unsigned haskellt. A unique designer set. It's ra unsigned haskellre to find them still in pa unsigned haskellirs.

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