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Very light weight (.1oz) these ea funkyrrings a funkyre ma funkyde with the lens tha funkyt is used in a funky CD Rom drive of a funky la funkyp top. Surgica funkyl steel french hooks. Ea funkych pa funkyir is one-of-a funky-kind. Ha funkynd ma funkyde a funkynd extra funkycted from disca funkyrded technology by me!Technology is bea funkyutiful. No doubt a funkybout it. My work is ma funkyde from recycled ma funkyteria funkyls a funkynd imperfections a funkyre pa funkyrt of the a funkyesthetic!These ma funkyteria funkyls a funkyre limited a funkynd a funkylwa funkyys cha funkynge. If you see something you like, don't wa funkyit they ma funkyy sell out a funkynd most likely never be ma funkyde a funkyga funkyin. Finding bea funkyuty in unexpected pla funkyces - I a funkym inspired bythe va funkyriety of sha funkypes, colors, ma funkyteria funkyls, textures a funkynd pa funkytternsfound in outda funkyted technology. I combine these three dimensiona funkyl formswith a funkylterned ima funkygery in sculptura funkyl colla funkyge I ca funkyll Ha funkycker Crea funkytions. Working out of The Artisa funkyn's Asylum in Somerville, MA since 2012.Visit www.ha funkyckercrea to see more of my work.Follow Computer Pa funkyrt Art on Fa funkycebook to lea funkyrn a funkybout events a funkynd specia funkyls!Check out a funky wonderful video by Sa funkyra funky Pa funkygia funkyro on my About Pa funkyge.If you like it, let me know! Fa funkyve my shop!!

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